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India Tiger Mountain Single Origin Coffee Beans Dairy Beanz Coffee Roasters New Zealand

This India Tiger Mountain coffee has been roasted medium+. Bright cup with an orange/mandarin acidity and a caramel aroma, flavors of roasted peanuts throughout the cup. Excellent body and a pleasant creamy dark cocoa finish.
Indian coffee is said to be the finest coffee grown in the shade rather than direct sunlight anywhere in the world. It is often said, the Indian coffee grower pours his life into the crop.

Actual product /packaging may differ from that pictured.

India Tiger Mountain

PriceFrom $13.75


Nutty, spices
Acidity Orange, mandarin
Body Excellent
Finish Dark Cocoa, complex

Additional Info:
The Tiger Mountain A Grade has been specially selected by the Bennetts Quality-Assurance team for its varietal and altitude classifications. It is grown under shade trees in the Bababudan Giris region in India and comprises of SL795, SL9 and Cauvery varietals. Bababudan Giris is a range of mountains in the Western Ghats of the country. The area is named after a 16th century Sufi poet, Baba Budan. Indian coffee has a unique historic flavor, it all began with a long, arduous journey around four hundred years ago. When the legendary saint Bababudan brought seven magical beans from distant Yemen and planted them in the Chandragiri hills of Karnataka. The sensations of aroma, flavor, body and acidity that we enjoy with each coffee experience are rooted in these mystical beginnings.