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Pour Over Brewing Guide

Pour Over Brewing Guide New Zealand

A pour-over cone made of plastic, ceramic, metal, or glass. Water seeps through the ground coffee, the paper filter, and is then collected in a serving jug placed below a holder used for drip brewing. Produces clear, light-bodied coffee.

V60 Brewing Tips:

1. Put a paper filter in the V60 cone, and place it on top of a server.

2. Pre-heat V60 cone by pouring hot water and rinse the paper filter, discard water from both.

3. Weigh coffee to desired strength (30g for 500ml) and grind.

4. Place the V60 with the server on a scale. Add coffee, shake to level the coffee bed, zero the scale.

5. Start timer and your pour at the same time, pour twice the amount of hot water onto the grounds and let the coffee bloom for 30 seconds.

6. Start pouring in the center, work your way out and then back to the center, in concentric circles.

7. Coffee should finish draining around 2:30, Serve.

* To get a complex cup, give the coffee a few minutes to cool.

* If your resulting cup is too strong and/or bitter, adjust your grind slightly coarser. If it is too weak and/or sour, adjust slightly finer.

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