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Filter Machine Brewing Guide

Filter Machine Brewing Guide New Zealand

An automatic drip coffee maker usually comes with a carafe. It's easy to serve brewed coffee for the family or for a group. A pouch of Dairy Beanz perfectly ground with the right amount of fresh coffee at the right grind, will give you a more delicious cup.

Brewing Tips: 

1. Fill the reservoir with cold filtered water to the desired watermark.

2. Weigh coffee to desired strength and grind.

3. Place filter in the cone, rinse with hot water and add coffee, shake to level the coffee bed.

4. Place the carafe, with a cone on top, into the brewer and turn on.

5. The machine will begin to brew. When done, turn off the brewer and remove the cone. Serve.

* When placing the filter in the cone, be sure to have the folds facing away from the drain hole. After rinsing the filter, pour the rinse water out of the side opposite the spout. Check to make sure the filter is still suctioned to the wall of the cone, with no air pockets.

* Due to shorter brew time, a smaller cup brew will require a slightly finer grind than a big one.

* All grinders will produce a mix of course and fine particles – none are perfect, however, burr grinders produce far more uniformity. If your resulting cup is too strong and/or bitter, adjust your grind slightly coarser. If it is too weak and/or sour, adjust slightly finer.

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