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We roast, grind and pack it only to your order.
This Drip Bag Coffee has a NEW style with the pour-over brewing method. Brew coffee in much the same way as Chemex and V60 hand drip, but just easier, cheaper and more convenient. Brew a perfect cup of drip coffee without any coffee maker, perfectly ready to brew, all you need is a cup and hot water.

The Drip Bag Coffee offers single service convenience with a palate-pleasing flavor sure to satisfy even the most discerning coffee connoisseur.

Each Drip Coffee pack made with caffeinated love. High-end drip bags filled with freshly roasted top grade Origins ground coffee and then vacuum-packed. Roast, grind and pack it only to your order - meaning your homemade cup tastes just as good as a cafe-ordered pour over. Give you a clean, tasty and aromatic cup.

Premium and portable. You'll get to enjoy delicious fresh coffee at Anytime, Anywhere.

  • About 10g ground coffee in each Drip Coffee pack
  • 8 individual Packs of ready-to-brew Drip Coffee in a box

Actual product /packaging may differ from that pictured.

Drip Bag Coffee - A Box ( 8 Packs )

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$9.96Sale Price
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*Free Standard Shipping on single pack-15 packs on most orders.

*To avoid potential damage during transport, we use flat, unfolded packaging box, which can be easily folded prior to usage.

Selected Coffees:
1. PNG Sigri Estate
Flavor notes: Floral / Caramel / Slightly Herbal


Floral, slightly herbal
Acidity Crispy
Body Moderated

Clean, sweet

2. Ethiopian Yirgacheffe ( Washed )
Flavor notes: Jasmine / Chocolate / Citrus


Sweetly floral, chocolate
Acidity Bright, citrus, balanced
Body Lightly silken
Finish Citrus, clean

3. Costa Rica Tarrazu
Flavor notes: Milk Chocolate / Nutty / Caramel


Complex, nutty, brown sugar
Acidity Snappy citric
Body Round, full
Finish Layered bittersweet chocolate
Body Heavy, full body

4. Kenya AA/AB
Flavor notes: Berry / Citrus / Winey


Fruity, sweet
Acidity Crystal Bright
Body Juicy
Finish Winey, fruity

5.Colombian Tayronaca Organic
Flavor notes: Dark chocolate / Floral / Cocoa

Aroma Nutty, caramel
Acidity Crisp
Body Smooth
Finish Pleasant chocolatey


If the drip-bag process feels over your head, check out these easy brew steps:

  1. Tear off the top of packet & filter bag.
  2. Shake it lightly to level, place hangers onto a cup.
  3. Slowly pour hot water through (92°c~96°c, 150ml~180ml).
  4. Remove and discard used filter, Serve.