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Gold Filter Brewing Guide

Gold Filter Brewing Guide New Zealand

A single-serve coffee brewer comes with 3 components: 23 karat gold plated filter, water regulator (insert with perforated base), and lid. The filter is placed directly on a coffee mug and partially filled with ground coffee. Hot water is then poured over the top resulting in freshly brewed coffee dripping into the cup below.

Brewing Tips:

1. Place Gold Filter on a coffee mug, heat filter and mug with hot water, discard water from both.

2. Weigh coffee to the desired strength with 15 grams for a 250ml cup. Increase the coffee dose or use less water to achieve your preferred taste.

3. Place the GFilter with a mug on a scale. Add coffee, shake to level the coffee bed, Place water regulator inside the filter, zero the scale.

4. Start timer and your pour at the same time, fill hot water(90-96°c) into the regulator all the way to the top, or until your scale reads 250g.

5. Coffee should finish draining around 2:30 mins, remove the filter. Serve.

*Play with the grind size to adjust this time and you should be able to achieve reasonable consistency with your brews.

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