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Region: Sidamo in the Gedeo zone, Ethiopia

Screens size/grade: SCR 15/18 Grade 2

Varietal: Arabica

Process: Unwashed

Growing Conditions: 1400-2200 masl

Dry processed coffees are becoming fruitier and fruitier. This is mostly because there is a lot more sorting of cherry going on these days in this processing method.

This Sidamo has been roasted medium+, they are attractive with delicate subtle floral aroma, refreshing flavor with strawberries and citrus tones, showing crispy lime acidity, silky creamy body with sweet, melon like notes finish.

Suits all brewing styles well.

Actual product /packaging may differ from that pictured.

Ethiopian Natural Sidamo



Strawberry, cocoa, floral
Acidity Crisp lime, lively
Body Creamy
Finish Sweet, melon