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How to store coffee?

How long will coffee stay fresh?

The best way to preserve your coffee fresh is to store them in an opaque, airtight container away from sunlight, heat, and moisture at room temperature.

*Grind them fresh every time you brew. *Don’t store your beans in the fridge/ freezer. *Don't drop all beans in grinder hopper to get stale waiting for your grind.

Fresh roast coffee beans are essential to a quality cup, so buy your coffee in small amounts, ideally every two weeks. How much coffee you need depends on the brewing method you use and how much coffee you consume each day.

*We recommend a ratio of 30 g of coffee grounds for every 500 ml water for plunger or paper filters. Commonly use between 15-20 g per double shot for espresso machines.

The beans generally are good from day two for the filter coffee, about a week old beans are at their peak for the espresso coffee, and then begin declining in quality after 2-3 weeks. This doesn't mean your coffee goes off after 2 weeks, it's just not quite as flavorful. Drink to your taste and taste every day to get a sense of where the beans go and what you prefer.

We’re happy to help you with any coffee brewing or storing questions you might have, just send us an email.


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