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Drip Bag Brewing Guide

Hand Drip Coffee Bag Brewing Guide New Zealand

All you need is hot water and a cup!

This Drip Bag Coffee has a new style with the pour-over brewing method. Brew coffee in much the same way as Chemex and V60 hand drip, but just easier, cheaper and convenient. Brew a perfect cup of drip coffee without any coffee maker, perfectly ready to brew, all you need is a cup and hot water.

The Drip Bag Coffee offers single service convenience with a palate-pleasing flavor sure to satisfy even the most discerning coffee connoisseur, get a clean, tasty and aromatic cup. We roast, grind and vacuum-pack it only to your order. Read more...?

Brewing Tips:

1. Tear off the top of packet & filter bag.

2. Shake it lightly to level, place hangers onto a cup.

3. Slowly pour hot water through (92°c~96°c, 150ml~180ml).

4. Remove and discard used filter, Serve.


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